by Natasha Kermani
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Duration: 83'

May Ryer is the author of self-help books that aren’t selling like they used to. One night a masked stranger breaks into her home, but despite the shock May does not get support from her husband Ted, present at the time of the attack but essentially indifferent to the fact, or from the policeman who actually says they’re lucky things didn’t go worse. Then things do become worse as the attacker – who seems to have supernatural properties – appears again and again, continuing to terrorize May. Anyway, all around her May meets indifference and condescension.


film director

Natasha Kermani

(Usa) is an Iranian-American director and screenwriter. She is co-founder of the production company Illium Pictures. She has directed shorts, tv series and commercials and made her feature debut in 2017 with Imitation Girl, a science-fiction film. Lucky (2020) is her second feature film. Besides working for cinema and television, Natasha Kermani is a violinist and composer.


The Turing Love Affair (cm, 2010), The Samaritan (cm, 2012), Atlantis/Earth (doc, cm, 2013), Bereavement (cm, 2014), Cat Planet (serie tv, 2016), The Mentors (serie tv, 2016), Let's Fall Out (serie tv, 2017), Imitation Girl (2017), Lucky (2020).


film director

«We leaned even more into it with our production designer. We had a lot of conversations about how the space is sort of adjusting itself over the course of the film. There are items in May’s house that are changing and shifting. I thought of it as Alice going through the looking glass. Every step she takes, and with every scene, we’re being propelled further into this nightmare reality. The movie really isn’t that dark — it’s really fun — but the aesthetic was a dark nightmare.»


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Natasha Kermani. SCREENPLAY: Brea Grant. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Julia Swain. FILM EDITING: Chris Willet. MUSIC: Jeremy Zuckerman. SOUND: Roman Chimienti. CAST: Yasmine Al-Bustami, Brea Grant, Kristina Klebe, Kausar Mohammed, Dhruv Uday Singh, Hunter C. Smith. PRODUCTION: Illium Pictures.

CONTACTS: Epic Pictures, Kalani Dreimanis kalani.dreimanis@epic-pictures.com