Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 60

Rome, 1968: at the pinnacle of his artistic career, the artist Pino Pascali was just over thirty years old when he died in a motorcycle accident. Fifty years later, the Pascali Museum at Polignano a Mare, in Apulia, Pino's land of origin, buys and exhibits his work Cinque Bachi da Setola e un Bozzolo. Through photographs taken by Pino Musi and Pino Pascali, the story of a work of art returning to its origins is the opportunity to reflect on Pascali, in a narrative dimension in which space and time bend and disappear.


film director

Walter Fasano

(Bari, Italy, 1970) has worked as a film editor ever since the 1990s and has collaborated with nationally- and internationally-famous directors such as Dario Argento, Maria Sole Tognazzi, Marco Ponti, Igort, and Park Chan-wook. He and Luca Guadagnino created a true artistic partnership: besides editing almost all of the Sicilian director's movies, the two also co-directed the documentary Bertolucci on Bertolucci (2013) and collaborated with James Ivory on the screenplay of the Oscar-winning Chiamami col tuo nome (Call Me by Your Name, 2017).


Bertolucci on Bertolucci (coregia Luca Guadagnino, doc, 2013), Pino (doc, 2020).


film director

“In the darkness in which a film is created, music, images, and sounds dialogue with each other: an open exploration with infinite possibilities for research and beauty. I encountered Pascali in this profound space, illuminated by the tutelary spirits of Rimbaud, Chris Marker, and Alain Resnais; and in collaboration with Pino Musi and Pascali himself: the photographs they took are essential to the story's construction, their gazes overlap in a continuous cross-reference between the present and the past.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Walter Fasano. CAST: voce over Suzanne Vega, Alma Jodorowsky, Monica Guerritore e Michele Riondino. PICTURES: Pino Musi, Pino Pascali. MUSIC: Nathalie Tanner. SOUND: Davide Favargiotti, Jean-Pierre Laforce.  PRODUCTION: Fondazione Pino Pascali, Apulia Film Commission, Passo Uno Produzioni.

CONTACTS: Salvatore Caracuta