by Clemente De Muro, Davide Mardegan
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 9

This film is an initiation story: the story of Leonardo, the son of a shepherd, and of Cesare, a tourist who has just shown in town. Cesare will teach Leonardo the best hints to chat with girls.


film director

Clemente De Muro e Davide Mardegan (CRIC)

(Italy) are two filmmakers who work in a duet, known by the name of CRIC. They were born and raised in Italy, developing their careers abroad with advertisement films. Their collaboration began during the academic years, as they both attended the faculty of Letters and Philosophy. They were noticed through a self-produced advertisement spot, patronized by Poste Italiane group. In fact, the spot helped them gain several national and international prizes. La tecnica is their first unreleased work.


La tecnica (cm, 2020).


film director

“One good story can make us forget the chaos of contemporary time and help us remember things long concealed in our unconscious. The first love is certainly the most important event during adolescence. At least, it will certainly be for Leonardo, who feels incapable to chat with the girl he loves. Cesare, in his own terms, will teach the boy the right technique to exit the labyrinth of his fears and gain Nilde’s attention.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Clemente De Muro, Davide Mardegan. SCREENPLAY: Clemente De Muro. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Davide Mardegan. FILM EDITING: Davide Mardegan, Anna Laura Carolla. SOUND: Giulia Bella, Nicola Gualandris. MUSIC: songs by Garry Bonner, Alan Gordon, Jimmy Fontana. CAST: Leonardo Giannelli, Cesare Costagli, Nilde Pantani, Giuseppe Tanda, Annunziata Bemere , Susanna Antoni. PRODUCTION: Dinamo srl. DISTRIBUTION: Tiny Distribution.

CONTACTS: Zen Movie, Giulio Mastromauro distribuzione.zenmovie@gmail.com
Tiny Distribution, Alberto De Angelis tinydistribution.shorts@gmail.com