Country: UK
Year: 2020
Duration: 11'

In lockdown isolation, a young man decides to stay in contact with the outside world through the vocal messages of his friends and lovers. But those voices, which initially seemed to fill the silence and keep him company, become increasingly full of suffering. Thus, the man finds himself inhabited by a multitude of solitudes. The only way to silence those voices is to find his own voice through music, thereby reestablishing the silence.


film director

Sean Lìonadh

(Scotland, 1998) is a director, poet, author, and musician from Glasgow. His short film Time For Love: Homophobia (2018), broadcast by the BBC, had 16 million views online but also received complaints by viewers and top-tier representatives of the Scottish Church. The BBC defended the young director and hired him as a manager on their platform, The Social. The film later won the Royal Television Society Award, British TV's major award. After leaving the BBC, he worked as a librettist for the Royal Opera House and wrote the opera Honest Skin, and published the book of poetry Not Normal Anymore. In 2020, he participated at the Berlinale Talent Campus and was selected for the BBC Writer’s Room.


Time For Love: Homophobia (cm, 2018), Silence (cm, 2020).


film director

“Whhen Glasgow went into lockdown, during that first day of isolation I felt the need to document the experience by recording my daily life. I live alone and I chose to maintain my solitude and remain in contact with the outside world through vocal messages. The lockdown was just beginning and I realized that those messages were describing my community's disorientation. I decided to keep filming my days and then put those images online, without any idea of creating a short for the festival circuit. But a story began to surface in those images and voices (which changed over the days, filling with solitude, uncertainty, passion, and anger), so I decided to create a small movie, working without a screenplay for the first time. The days passed and I stopped being an observer and became a narrator, guided by the voices of my friends and my ex-lovers. In this way, that scary and difficult lockdown became an opportunity to explore the human condition and deal with the events and the silence. A silence that was almost always avoided in the preceding world, without the virus.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, MUSIC: Sean Lìonadh. PRODUCERS: Sean Lìonadh, Alfredo Covelli.

CONTACTS: Meproducodasolo, Alfredo Covelli