by Patricia Boillat, Elena Gugliuzza
Country: Switzerland, Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 10

In a faraway land, venerable spirits repose below canopies, ignoring the progressive extinction of mankind. Every so often, to distract themselves they pinch themselves hard and lacerate themselves, after which they recompose themselves emitting small cries or long howls. Elsewhere, a number of odd customs endure, such as the ancestral ritual of the magic lantern. But now, only the sanctuaries of this world remain. The movie is a digression of Phnom (i.e. the hillside), an experimental film to be released in 2021.


film director

Patricia Boillat

(Bern, Switzerland), dual French and Swiss citizenship, lives and works in Locarno, Switzerland. A multidisciplinary artist, she expresses herself through film, animation, photography, graphic art, architecture, and design. In 1986, she co-founded Zone 33 in Bern, a post-production space dedicated to images and sound; in 1996, she created La Boite Visual Art, a transmedia atelier.


L’étoile de Néant (1974), Le Pont (cm, 1980), Instant (doc, 1983), Amé (doc, 1991), Energy Show (cm, 2000), Nando, andata e ritorno (coregia Elena Gugliuzza, doc, 2002), C.A.L.L.E. (coregia Elena Gugliuzza, cm, 2004), Trojan Horse (anim, cm, 2006), Coup d’état (cm, 2007), BlackBox3 the Film (coregia Elena Gugliuzza, doc, cm, 2008), Absence (cm, 2009), Isola, là dove si parla la lingua di Bacco (coregia Elena Gugliuzza, doc, 2011), Scacciapensieri (cm, 2014), Srisaraya - Un balsamo per lo spirito (coregia Elena Gugliuzza, cm, 2020).  

Elena Gugliuzza

(Palermo, Italy), dual Italian and Swiss citizenship, lives and works in Locarno, Switzerland. She received her degree in directing and film editing from the International Academy of Audiovisual Sciences in Lugano; in 1996, she began to work for the Milanese post-production company Anteprima, where she ran the editing unit until 2001. She has extensive experience in editing documentaries, fiction movies, animation, video installations, video clips, and commercials. In 1997, she began her collaboration with the transmedia atelier La Boite Visual Art.


Sfondo blu (cm, 1996), Nando, andata e ritorno (coregia Patricia Boillat, doc, 2002), C.A.L.L.E. (coregia Patricia Boillat, cm, 2004), Due Tempi (doc, cm, 2004), Trojan Horse (anim., cm, 2006), Coup d’état (cm, 2007), BlackBox3 the Film (coregia Patricia Boillat, doc, cm, 2008), Isola, là dove si parla la lingua di Bacco (coregia Patricia Boillat, doc, 2011), Scacciapensieri (coregia Patricia Boillat, cm, 2011).


film director

“As a counterpoint to current events, Srisaraya returns to one of the themes of our film Phnom, about the disappearance in Southeast Asia of independent cinemas, known as 'stand-alone' cinemas. Choral places par excellence, these cinemas bring together solitary spectators, peddlers, and passersby, in a story that lasts beyond the duration of the screened film. To a certain degree, spirit houses, an outpost of Thai homes, have met a similar fate; they are abandoned in forests or on rough terrain where nobody stops anymore. But the chao thai, deprived of their primary, protective mission, have decided to initiate themselves into the rite of the magic lantern.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Patricia Boillat, Elena Gugliuzza. CINEMATOGRAPHY, SOUND: Patricia Boillat. FILM EDITING: Elena Gugliuzza. MUSIC: Giovanni Venosta. PRODUCTION: La Boite Visual Art.

CONTACTS: La Boite Visual Art, Patricia Boillat, Elena Gugliuzza e_touch@laboite.ch