by Yesim Tonbaz Güler
Country: Turkey
Year: 2020
Duration: 10'

Fazilet was left alone after the death of her daughter who was ill for a long time. While trying to cope with the feeling of death, she find a package left from her daughter. With each door knocking for information, the package will be more important for Fazilet.


film director

Yesim Tonbaz Güler

(Sivas, Turkey, 1984) served as editor in various publications and media such as Film Arası Dergisi and sinefesto.com. She performed varied duties in many short films and documentaries. Her first film Hanging (2016) was shown in many national and international film festivals. She gave screenplay writing and screenwriting training in different cinema workshops. She produced content for a book named Timeless Films, prepared in a project carried out in 2017 with the partnership of Istanbul Modern and Science Arts Foundation. She continues writing on motion pictures in varied publications and is also studying for the master degree in Marmara University Cinema, Radio-TV Department.


Askıda (Hanging, cm, 2016), Sözlü Tarih (cm, 2018), İyi Yaptık (cm, 2018), Münhasir (cm, 2020).


film director

“Worrying about the whole world while raising a child must be one of the most manifest state of maturity that motherhood brings to a person. Although this sometimes serves the selfish purpose of making the world beautiful just for her own child, it is almost a skill that comes with motherhood to organize every place that she can reach and afford. What makes motherhood sublime is that only having a child makes possible to accept the uniqueness of all human beings. With Münhasır I wanted to convey the emotion of a mother who has recently buried her daughter and relate the story how ‘the last belonging that remains from her daughter’ becomes a symbolic item that represents her ‘uniqueness.’”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Yeşim Tonbaz Güler. SCREENPLAY: Yeşim Tonbaz. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Gürol Beşer. FILM EDITING: İbrahim Demiray. MUSIC: Eldina Papanastasiou. CAST: Gonca Cilasun, Nalan Örgüt, Burak Haktanır, Onur Yenidünya. PRODUCER: Ekrem Aydın

CONTACTS: Yesim Tonbaz Güler yesimtonbaz@gmail.com