by Fabio Donatini
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 80

A hot summer in a working-class neighborhood in Bologna: the rhythm and repetition of silences, of afternoon grasshoppers, and ancient sounds accompany the desolation and the courage of the people who live there. Straddling visual essay and musical documentary, a humanist and amused gaze that uses summer swelter, the sun-drenched suburbs, and old songs to create a series of tragicomic notes on solitude.


film director

Fabio Donatini

(Faenza, Italy, 1979) studied the semiotics of film and music at the University of Bologna and then went on to work for the Cineteca di Bologna, Articolture, Bottega Finzioni and Bottega Produzioni, Mammut Film, and Zarathustra Film. He has also organized introductory film courses for people with mental and motor impairments: his interest in the topic of inclusiveness culminated in the project Abilissimi protagonisti and in the making of the short film Se il mio film avesse le ruote - Storia del cinema in carrozza a rotelle. Besides his activities as a director, screenwriter, and producer, he is also a farmer. After making a number of shorts, in 2011 he debuted in feature films with Il boia - I principi dell'indeterminazione.


Il boia - I principi dell'indeterminazione (2011), Tuber, la saga del pico bianco (doc, mm, 2011), San Donato Beach (doc, 2020).


film director

“It took me three years to close this film. Whose structure has been the structure of my life. Of my summers. A descent and an ascent that prompted me to resume writing and shooting. But also to return to be among the people. To move around the world. And now I feel a new poetics in me, made of chaos, music and time. It is difficult to love cinema. But my love story isn't over yet.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Fabio Donatini. SCREENPLAY: Fabio Donatini, Antonello Grassi. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ebraheemi Shappour. FILM EDITING: Nicola Spaccucci. SOUND: Fabio Donatini, Antonello Grassi, Daniele Baldoni. CAST: Reza Salimi Balani, Andrea Pederzoli, Patrizia Ragalmuto, Armando Carotenuto, Elem Emin, Stefania Cubiciotti. PRODUCTION: Zarathustra Film.

CONTACTS: Fabio Donatini zarathustrafilm@gmail.com