Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Duration: 12

A small isolated village of the countryside is dying since no babies have been born in a long time. A man doesn't give up and places a few speakers to play the sound of "extinct things". The village is inhabited by few elders and a single pregnant woman. She feels the burden of responsibility and wants to run away. One day she tried to escape, but in the run, she was caught by the labour pain. The inhabitants will then force her to give birth in the village square, a sacrifice that recalls a fertility ceremony.


film director

Stefano Cau

(Sardinia, Italy, 1991) grew up in a small town in Southern Sardinia. He studied at the Holden School of Storytelling and Performing Arts in Turin. In 2019 he directed Creaturas, a short on the daily life of three children from a small town in Sardinia. During the same year, he finished filming his first short film, Issa, shot in Super8 color film.


Creaturas (cm, 2019), Issa (cm, 2020).


film director

“In Issa’s small town everything is dead, everything is being performed to maintain an anachronistic fertility ritual. On the contrary, the filmstrip with which the film has been realized contributes in rendering Issa a concrete, plastic and bodily film. The contrast between the scenic space of the ritual and the backdrop of the camera represents the true field of research.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY, FILM EDITING: Stefano Cau. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Paolo Carboni. SET DESIGN: Maurizio Loi. MUSIC: SOUND: Roberto Cois. CAST: Anastasya Boghach, Alessandro Congeddu. PRODUCTION: Istituto Superiore Entnografico Sardo.

CONTACTS: Distribution Olbia Film Network