by Steve Della Casa
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 55'

With the aid of the invaluable archive containing Franca Valeri’s artistic performances and kept by the Teche Rai production, this documentary gives a complete vision of one of the actresses who made the history of theatre and television. Through her wittiness, her irony and her iconic characters, Franca Valeri (who died last August at 100) entrusted to us a segment of the Italian society, reconstructed after the second world war.


film director

Steve Della Casa

Steve Della Casa (Turin, Italy, 1953), movie critic, is one of the founders of the Torino Film Festival, which he also directed from 1999 to 2002. He was president of the European Coordination of Film Festivals and of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte, as well as the artistic director of the Roma Fiction Fest. He has been the author and conductor of the radio program Hollywood Party on Rai Radio 3 since 1994. The documentary Nessuno ci può giudicare, which he co--directed with Chiara Ronchini, screened at the 2016 TFF, just like Bulli e pupe (2018).


Colpi di luce (coregia Matteo Spinola, Francesca Calvelli, cm, doc., 2004), Uomini forti (mm, doc., 2006), Venezia ’68 (coregia Antonello Sarno, mm, doc., 2008), Flaiano - Il meglio è passato (coregia Giancarlo Rolandi, mm, doc., 2010), I tarantiniani (coregia Maurizio Tedeschi, mm, doc., 2013), Perché sono un genio! - Lorenza Mazzetti (coregia Francesco Frisari, doc., 2016), Nessuno ci può giudicare (coregia Chiara Ronchini, doc., 2016), Bulli e pupe (coregia Chiara Ronchini, doc., 2018), Zona Franca (doc, 2020).


film director

“Working with the Rai archive allowed me once again to begin a wonderful journey in the Italian culture and the universe of the performing arts. On the subject of Franca Valeri there is no need to make interviews, to ask for personal opinions, to add comments or inserts: Franca Valeri is one-of-a-kind, matchless artist, she is the play itself at its highest and most original form.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Steve Della Casa. PRODUCTION: Rai Teche.

CONTACTS: Rai Teche, Carla Consalvi carla.consalvi@rai.it