Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 6

A couple is making out on the seashore, a monster observes them from the water, a man kills two other monsters and the movie begins: a list of names, a list of friends, a list of monsters... Theend, the suicide of the underground culture.


film director

Jacopo Benassi

(La Spezia, Italy, 1970), photographer, artist, musician, and filmmaker, lives and works in La Spezia, the city where he started taking his first photographs in the late 1980s, focusing above all on the punk and alternative scene. He has published various books of his works and collaborates with several editorial initiatives, the most important of which involves the novel Gli aspetti irrilevanti by Paolo Sorrentino, which is illustrated with his black and white photos. In September 2020, at the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Arts Center, he organized the exhibit Vuoto, celebrating his twenty-five years of activity.


Coco (serie, cm, 2013-2020), N°21 (video, 2017-2018), Barracuta (video, 2017-2018), S8 (serie, cm, 2018-2020), Theend (cm, 2020).


film director

“The movie was inspired by a legendary figure: Vincent Price. I wanted to depict the end of underground culture with a B-movie, a genre and a language that have always belonged to me. The concept is that there is a beginning, a sort of prologue, and then the movie, with the closing credits where I thank all those people, artists and not, who collaborated with the btomic club, a club in La Spezia that closed in 2015. At the btomic, every artist who passed that way left a mark; a true friendship also arose with most of them, and it is being born again in the afterlife. We are ready to return... more monstrous than ever!”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jacopo Benassi. SCREENPLAY: Jacopo Benassi, Gianluca Petriccione. CAST: Augustin Laforêt, Lorenzo D’Anteo, Gianluca Petriccione, Jacopo Benassi. PRODUCTION: Francesco Crespi, Basement Milano

CONTACTS: Jacopo Benassi