Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 56

After spending a few weeks in Morocco scouting locations and stories for a movie about urbanization and the territory, Elia Moutamid returns to Brescia - where he lives and where he moved with his family when he was a child – to continue the project. But the pandemic forces him to stay locked up at home and follow an autobiographical pathway: Kufid is the result of that pathway, a movie shot during the pandemic but not about it. And beyond the doubts and reflections raised by a virus that overwhelms families and habits, a single firm point emerges: “Insha'Allah” (if Allah wills).


film director

Elia Moutamid

(Fez, Morocco, 1982) moved with his family to Northern Italy, to Rovato, in the province of Brescia, in 1983. In 2001 he received his diploma in mechanics and began working as the head of quality control at a company. A theatre lover, in 2008 he enrolled at the academy Spazio H. Vox in Brescia and after completing the three-year course performed in various productions. In 2008, he enrolled at the Mohole Film School in Milan, where he received his degree in movie directing. Between 2008 and 2014, he shot various short films and documentaries, with which he participated at national and international festivals. In 2015, he shot the short Gaiwan, which was presented at over seventy festivals throughout the world and received several awards and recognitions. His firts documentary feature Talien (2017) was presented at the Torino Film Festival.


KLANdestino (cm, 2007), Giornata Nera (cm, 2008), Abbracciami (cm, 2013), Gaiwan (cm, 2015), Arabiscus - Webserie (2016), Talien (doc, 2017), Kufid (doc, 2020).


film director

“The first goal of Kufid is to recount human dynamics through autobiographical narration, using a 'narrative framework' based on the concept of urban transformation. In this movie there is me, Italy (northern Italy), the present time. Something unexpected and with huge repercussions upsets my plans and those of the world: but I decide to turn it to my own advantage. The first off-screen line says: 'When I was small, my parents taught me to say Insha'Allah when I start doing something.' There, this is Kufid: the planning of something that wasn't planned. An oxymoron.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY, CINEMATOGRAPHY, FILM EDITING: Elia Moutamid. MUSIC: Piernicola Di Muro. SOUND: Matteo Di Simone. CAST: Valeria Battiamo, Abdelouahab Moutamid, Maria Cerutti, Olga Piscitelli, Lokman Moutamid, Amal Bousaltani, Battista Mazzotti, Andrea Vigani, Edoardo Martinelli, voce narrante di Elia Moutamid. PRODUCTION: Cinqueesei film. DISTRIBUTION: Cineclub Internazionale

CONTACTS: Cinqueesei, Graziano Chiscuzzu