by Valentina Pedicini
Country: Italy
Year: 2013
Duration: 72'

Patrizia's life takes place in the dark. The sun has not yet risen when she leaves her teenage daughters, put on heavy boots, respirator, "mask" and sink into a mine 500 meters deep. She was just 20 when her father, a miner who died of silicosis, brought her here for the first time. People still die in the mine. If the gas hisses suddenly you can suffocate or you can find yourself buried under miles of iron and rock. Patrizia keeps it under control by walking alone in this labyrinth of tunnels. Her entire universe – present, past and future – is contained in one word: mine.


film director

Valentina Pedicini

(Brindisi, Italy, 1978-Rome, Italy, 2020) graduated with a degree in directing from the international school of documentary filmmaking, Zelig. While an undergraduate (2007-2010) she made the documentaries Pater Noster, Mio sovversivo amore and My Marlboro City, selected for numerous international festivals. In 2013, her film Dal profondo (Solinas Prize for best documentary) won the Prospettive Italia Doc Prize at the Rome Film Festival. The following year, the film garnered a Special Mention at the Silver Ribbons and a David di Donatello nomination. In 2016, Pedicini made her first short fiction film, Era ieri, which screened at the International Critics’ Week at Venice. Her her first feature-length fiction film, Where the Shadows Fall, screeed at Venice Days in 2017, and her last documetary Faith at the Critic’s Film Week of the Berlinale in 2020. She died at 42 in November 2020.


Pater Noster (doc, 2009), Mio sovversivo amore (doc, 2010), My Marlboro City (doc, 2011), Dal profondo (doc, 2013), Era ieri (cm, 2016), Dove cadono le ombre (2017), Faith (doc, 2020).


film director

"Dal profondo, like my previous works, comes from the desire to tell extraordinary female figures in universes usually inhabited and told by men. Patrizia with her personal and family story soon became for me a model of mining history declined in female terms; a story never told until now. The fascination for a mysterious place where story unfolds, the underground, has meant that this new point of view could extend to the visual and narrative part. In this way, contrast and opposition are the stylistic code of the project."


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Valentina Pedicini. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jacob Stark. FILM EDITING: Luca Mandrile. MUSIC: Federico Campana. SOUND: Martin Fliri. PRODUCER: Alessandro Borrelli. PRODUCTION: La Sarraz Pictures.