Roi du Silence

King of silence

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 15'

The film is a confused and disorderly story about the impossibility of silence to manifest itself in contemporary society. In fact, the King of Silence of the title is more than anything a sort of King of Noise and the film's bombardment of sounds and images is the only form of silence that is accessible to us: the dizzying mixture of sounds, noises, signs and images that characterizes modern life. Silence can be both the total absence and the excessive presence of sounds and noises. But how can we expect the absolute absence of sounds if even desert dunes produce recordable noise? "The film was constructed upon the dynamics of full and empty, created by the soundtrack. The combination of images and sounds doesn't construct a linear story and a temporal sequence of events; rather, it creates a multitude of microstories that unite through affinity or opposition. The ultimate end is to indicate the possible development of possible stories, without having to choose just one as definitive." (F. Di Loreto, B. Giacobbe)


film director

Beppe Giacobbe

Beppe Giacobbe, illustrator and director of animated films, lives and works in Milan. After the Accademia di Belle Arti, he continued his studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York and has received important recognitions for his illustrations and children’s books.


Francesco Di Loreto, Beppe Giacobbe: Re Born Again Cretin (cm, 1999), Roi du silence (cm, 2006)

Francesco Di Loreto

Francesco Di Loreto, advertising photographer and director, is the founder of the studio F38F with Paolo Mazzo and Mimo Visconti. He has also written and directed documentaries, shorts and video clips for Cristina Donà, Almamegretta and Antonella Ruggiero.


Francesco Di Loreto: Little Red Robin Hood (co-regia/co-director Carlo Bevilacqua, doc., 1998), Cuore distillato (co-regia/co-director Carlo Bevilacqua, videoclip, 1999), Goccia (co-regia/co-director Carlo Bevilacqua, videoclip, 2000), Non dirmi dove non dirmi quando (co-regia/co-director Carlo Bevilacqua, videoclip, 2001), Moira Orfei: amore e fiori (mm, doc., 2005), 6 Minutes Over Reykjavik (cm, 2006), Re Secret in Western Sahara (cm, 2006)Francesco Di Loreto, Beppe Giacobbe: Re Born Again Cretin (cm, 1999), Roi du silence (cm, 2006)




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