by Stefano Mordini
Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Duration: 75'

A series of interviews from the Fifties to today, to try and understand what fatherhood was in Italy and what it is today, and what fathers have represented in the country’s history and in the lives of millions of families. The concept of fatherhood is described from the point of view of the children in a journey that is sixty years long, in which the same conflicts, disappointments, betrayals and requests for attention and help are often repeated.

“In our study of the nature of a relationship that is hard to synthesize and recount in a film, we searched out and met with the children of today; we listened to them as they talked to us about their fathers and in part they reassured us because we could see ourselves in their simplicity and honesty. Our questions of yesterday are the same ones as today.”


film director

Stefano Mordini

Stefano Mordini (Marradi, Florence, Italy, 1968) participated in the 1996
Venice Film Festival with the short I ladri. In 2000 he shot Paz ’77 and later made a series of documentaries about globalization, including L’allievo modello (2002), which was selected for the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival. Since 2002 he teaches the degree course in film writing at IULM University in Milan. In 2004 he wrote and directed his first feature film, Provincia meccanica, which competed
at the Berlin Film Festival the next year. In 2007 he produced and directed
Il confine, a documentary about Milan’s Islamic community.


I ladri (cm, 1995), La tempesta (doc., 1998), Paz ’77 (doc., 2001), Arbitri (doc., 2001), Il presidente (doc., 2002), Campi di battaglia (doc., 2002), L’allievo modello (doc., 2002), Il costo della vita (doc., 2002), Provincia meccanica (2005), Il confine (2007), L’uomo delle nuvole (doc., 2009), Come mio padre (doc., 2009).


& Credits

Stefano Mordini
soggetto, sceneggiatura/
story, screenplay
Michele Astori,
Stefano Mordini
Daria D’Antonio
montaggio/film editing
Cristina Flamini
Enzo Casucci
Emanuele Cecere,
Daniela Bassani,
Stefano Grosso
produzione, distribuzione/
production, distribution
Offside, Rai Cinema