by Gioberto Pignatelli
Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Duration: 78'

Rome, post-WWII period. Nello D’Angeli is the pimp of Santina, a middle-aged prostitute who bears the signs of the difficult life she has led. Although Nello is young he avoids women his own age and finds refuge in his difficult relationship with Santina, whom he exploits but at the same time loves. One day, in a rage he kills her. A while later, Davide Segre arrives in Rome. He is a young, middle-class Jew who survived the war and now finds himself living in the miserable room of the poor dead prostitute, an old acquaintance of his.

“Imagine the film as not being set in any particular location. Imagine that its protagonists, Davide, Nello and Santina, physically inhabit the few pages of the novel they come from, in an unreal time, which is the time it takes your eyes to scan the printed lines. In this way, you surprise them, locked in a dark corner of History, prisoners of just one chapter, which opens like a window and then immediately closes up again, as though nothing had happened, without leaving a trace, without reference.”


film director

Gioberto Pignatelli

Gioberto Pignatelli (Rome, Italy, 1977) made the medium-length film Soap in 2003. In 2006 he became involved in the project “cristomangiaeva,” a series of films that are loosely based on various chapters of the novel History: A Novel by Elsa Morante. Santina is the first of these films to be completed.


Soap (mm, 2003), Santina (2009).


& Credits

regia, sceneggiatura/director, screenplay
Gioberto Pignatelli
soggetto/story liberamente ispirato a un capitolo di/loosely based on a chapter of La storia/ The History: A Novel di/by
Elsa Morante
Annalisa Corsi
Piero Basso
montaggio/film editing
Danilo Torre
scenografia/production design
Salvo Ingala
costumi/costume design
Nina Danelon
Giuseppe D’Amato
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
Diego Guerra (Nello D’Angeli), Monica Perozzi (Santina), Matteo Lolli (Davide Segre), Iaia Forte (la madre di Nello/Nello’s Mother), Antonio Di Matteo (l’amante della madre/ Mother’s Lover), Giuseppe Marzio (il ragazzo pestato/ Beaten Boy), Alessandro Lori (cameriere d’osteria/Waiter)
Marco Federici Solari, Gioberto Pignatelli