by Parisa Yousef Doust
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2008
Duration: 38'

Parisa Yousef Doust embarks on an emotional journey to unravel the
mysterious past of her aunt Nahied, who, after spending many years in
prison in Iran, resides in a psychiatric clinic in Germany totally unable
to communicate. Parisa’s only source for information is Nahied’s
brothers and sisters, who when confronted with the subject, they all talk
about other matters, make philosophical generalizations, revealing their
difficulties dealing with the past. This struggle for answers brings Parisa
face to face with her own fear of loosing her sanity.

“Nahied = Venus is the most personal film I have ever made. With this
film I meant to take the audience as close as possible to my state of
mind during my journey to get closer to my aunt. My aunt Nahied,
who I always had remembered as my mysterious aunt but for me this
film is not about the past or about memories. For me Nahied=Venus
is about accepting questions which never will be answered.”


film director

Parisa Yousef Doust

Parisa Yousef Doust (Tehran, Iran, 1973) left Iran with her family in 1977
and has lived in Holland since 1989. She studied philosophy at the Erasmus
University of Rotterdam and has followed various laboratories and
seminars held by directors and actors such as Abbas Kiarostami, Ian Sellar
and Judith Weston. In 2001, she worked as assistant director on various
documentaries that were broadcast on the Dutch channels NMO and VPRO,
including Tim and Nabil and Omar’s Choice and the next year she debuted as
a director with the short The Sofa, which screened at various international
festivals, including Rome and Utrecht. Her film The Story of a Flying Carpet
in Zwolle
won the prize for Best Director in 2006 at the San Giò Video Festival
of Verona. She collaborates with the Rotterdam Art Fund and with the Dutch
Film Fund.


De Sofa (The Sofa, cm., 2002), Our Neighbourhood (doc., 2004),
Bazi/Game (cm, 2005), The Story of a Flying Carpet in Zwolle (cm, doc.,
2006), Nemidounam Yadete (I Dont Know If You Remember) (cm, doc.,
2007), Nahied = Venus (mm, doc., 2008).


& Credits

regia, soggetto/
director, story
Parisa Yousef Doust
montaggio/film editing
Parisa Yousef Doust,
Patrick Thompson
Jeroen Goeijes, Parisa
Yousef Doust
Jeroen Goeijes
le famiglie Yousef Doust
e Khanalizadeh/
Yousef Doust’s and
Khanalizadeh’s Families
Joost Seelen,
Patrick Thompson
Zuidenwind Production,
Stichting FilmTent