by Pierre Creton
Country: France
Year: 2009
Duration: 83'

The Maniquerville retirement home in Normandy is home to a number of senior citizens, many of them afflicted with neurodegenerative diseases. The actress Françoise Lebrun travels often from Paris to give readings of Proust’s Recherche for the residents, stimulating their memory and their speech. A strong bond is formed between Françoise and Clara, who works at the home.

“The Gerontology Center of Maniquerville has always been part of my life. My parents used to live in the neighbouring village. Two residents from Maniquerville worked as their gardeners. I remember their comings and goings and my walking with them from time to time. Maniquerville became a place filled with questions for me on the class
system, age, community. Up in the trees, I imagined myself as an old
man in this place where we grow older and die together. Maniquerville
is not a film about old age; it is a film about life, whose key goal is its transmission, through whoever makes it possible. In this case, Proust,
the residents, Françoise and Clara.”


film director

Pierre Creton

Pierre Creton (France, 1966) is a filmmaker and a farmer who lives and works in
Vattetot-sur-Mer (Seine Maritime). He studied at Villa Arson, in Nice, and at the École des beaux-arts in Le Havre, after which he decided to move to Caux and concentrate on farming. To Creton, choosing a profession which is usually considered at the bottom of the social ladder represented his desire to take things as they come; and ever since 1992, when he also began to work as a director, it has also given him subjects for his stories. His movies have been presented at various festivals, including FIDMarseille, where in 2008 L’heure du berger won the Grand Prix in the French competition.


Une saison (cm, doc., 2002), La vie après la mort (cm, doc., 2002), Secteur 545 (2004), Le voyage à Vézelay (cm, doc., 2005), Paysage imposé (cm, 2006), Les vrilles de la vignes (cm, doc., 2007), Maniquerville (doc., 2009), Le paysage pour témoin, rencontre avec Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt (cm, doc., 2009), Le grand cortège (cm, doc., 2011), Le marché, petit commerce documentaire (cm, doc., 2012), Sur la voie (doc., 2013), Petit traité de la marche en plaine (coregia/codirector Vincent Barré, cm, doc., 2014), Va, Toto! (doc., 2017). 


& Credits

regia, fotografia/director,
Pierre Creton
Pierre Creton, Cyril Neyrat,
Marie Vermillard
montaggio/film editing
Ariane Doublet
Graciela Barrault,
Claire-Anne Largeron
Françoise Lebrun,
Clara Le Picard,
Madame Hauchecorne,
Monsieur Hauchecorne,
Madame Deparis,
Madame Tranchard,
Madame Sérandour,
Monsieur Dechanteloup,
Monsieur Delamare,
Madame Aragas,
Monsieur Loisel,
Madame Desjardin,
Madame Gauvain,
Madame Richard
Thierry Lounas
vendita all’estero/
production, world sales
Capricci Films