by Fiorella Pierini, Cristian Guerreschi
Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Duration: 5'

Two solitary creatures wander through a forest in search of
someone they can make friends with. But communication is difficult.
Even though everyone expresses themselves by emitting large floating
letters instead of sounds, no one seems to pay any attention to them.
As they roam through the forest, the two find letters that have fallen to
the ground and they pick them up as though they were small treasures
to be inserted in the albums they carrying with them. As they follow
these unusual tracks, they unexpectedly end up running into each other.

Neighborhood was born as the celebration of an encounter; two
existences cross paths and generate something that is simply beautiful
and pure. It is an invitation to explore – above and beyond the
conventional meaning of the words and the labels that are artificially
attached to things – what really exists only between the lines.”


film director

Fiorella Pierini

Fiorella Pierini (Naples, Italy, 1982) graduated from the Università la Sapienza of Rome and dedicated herself to artistic activity in fields such as cartoons, painting, set design and animation, trying out techniques ranging from computer graphics to stopmotion. She’s now attending the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia (animation department) in Chieri.


Cristian Guerreschi, Fiorella Pierini:
Neighborhood (cm, anim., 2009)

Cristian Guerreschi

Cristian Guerreschi (San Martin de
los Andes, Neuquen, Argentina, 1984)
graduated from the Istituto superiore
per le industrie artistiche of Urbino
and in 2o06 he made the short Love
He has directed video clips for
Il Teatro degli Orrori and Mr Bizzarro
& the Highway Experience. In 2009
he presented the short Microskaters
at the Freeshout Festival in
Prato. He’s now attending the Centro
sperimentale di cinematografia
(animation department) in Chieri.


Cristian Guerreschi:
Love song (cm, anim., 2006),
Carrarmatorock (cm, anim., 2008),
Monsters (cm, anim., 2008),
Microskaters Attack (cm, anim., 2009).

Cristian Guerreschi, Fiorella Pierini:
Neighborhood (cm, anim., 2009)


& Credits

regia, animazione/
directors, animation
Cristian Guerreschi,
Fiorella Pierini
production design
Cristian Guerreschi
musica, suono/
music, sound
Paolo Carlotto