Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Duration: 108\'

Naghib is middle-aged architect who lives in Torino. One day, almost by chance, he meets the prostitute Amina and the two feel an immediate attraction. But Naghib, who is still closely tied to the culture of his homeland, is unable to throw himself completely into the relationship. Amina, who has run away from a violent husband, decides to disappear from the architect’s life. Only a member of the police force, Giada, who must oversee the girl’s expulsion, is able to bring the two back together.

“It’s the story of two immigrants, but it’s also something more; it’s the passionate love story of a woman and a man who are forced to meet and live by the rules, the prejudices and the conventions of a world that is smaller than the humanity it contains. It’s a fairy tale of Porta Palazzo, in Torino, where the store signs are in Arabic, the butcher shops sell meat that has been slaughtered according to sharia and the attics where the immigrants from southern Italy used to live are now crowded with young Moroccans, Tunisians and Egyptians. Thus, the colors of the fairy tale are imbued with documentary truth.”


film director

Marco Turco

Marco Turco (Rome, Italy, 1960)  after receiving his degree in history and philosophy collaborated with the daily paper “l’Unità” and “Movie” magazine. He was assistant director for Franco Giraldi, Damiano Damiani and Gianni Amelio on the sets of Open Doors (1988), The Stolen Children (1990) and Lamerica (1994). His first shorts, La sveglia and Coincidenze, were selected for the Venice Film Festival. In 1998 he made his first feature film, Vite in sospeso, which won Grolla d’oro Awards as Best First Film and Best Screenplay. He has made numerous documentaries, including Jazzitudine, ’A famiglia, Lo sguardo sull’uomo. Incontro con Gillo Pontecorvo and In un altro paese, received awards as Best Documentary at the Festival dei popoli in Florence and at TaorminaFilmFest. In 2007 he made the TV movie Rino Gaetano - Ma il cielo è sempre più blu.


La sveglia (cm, 1994), Coincidenze (cm, 1995), Vite sospese (mm, doc., 1996), Jazzitudine (mm, doc., 1997), Vite in sospeso (1998), ’A famiglia (mm, doc., 1999), Lo sguardo sull’uomo. Incontro con Gillo Pontecorvo (mm, doc., 2000), In un altro paese (doc., 2004), Il colpo di pistola (mm, 2005), Rino Gaetano - Ma il cielo è sempre più blu (TV, 2007), C’era una volta la città dei matti (TV, 2009), La straniera (2009).


& Credits

Marco Turco
dall’omonimo romanzo di/from the novel of the same title by Younis Tawfik
Marco Turco, Monica Zapelli
Paolo Carnera, Alessandro Pesci
montaggio/film editing
Massimo Quaglia
scenografia/production design
Alessandro Marrazzo
costumi/costume design
Silvia Nebiolo
Natasha Atlas, Tim Whelan, Hamilton Lee
Filippo Porcari
Kaltoum Boufangacha, Ahmed Hafiene, Sonia Bergamasco, Claudio Gioè, Beauty Obasuvi, Jamil Hammoudi
Monica Iezzi, Melania Iezzi
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