by François Ozon
Country: France
Year: 2009
Duration: 90'

Mousse and Louis live in a luxurious Paris apartment; their existence is marred by drug addiction, despite their love for each other. One morning, while Mousse lies unconscious, the boy dies of an overdose. When she discovers she is pregnant, the girl goes to live in a house by the sea, where she carries on the pregnancy as the last tie she has with her boyfriend. Her isolation is interrupted by the arrival of Paul, Louis’ brother. Mousse puts herself in his hands and discovers that she isn’t ready to be a mother yet.

“A year ago, an actress friend of mine called to give me some good news: she was pregnant. Two days later, I called her and proposed we do a film inspired by her pregnancy. At first she was delighted, but a week later she pulled out. Disappointed, I was about to scrap the project when my casting director informed me that Isabel Carré was pregnant. My enthusiasm immediately returned. For ages, I’d dreamt of doing a film with a pregnant actress. I’ve often explored the theme of motherhood, but I’ve never really looked specifically at pregnancy.”


film director

François Ozon

François Ozon (Paris, France, 1967), after graduating in film, studied at FEMIS. In 1998, he made his first feature film, Sitcom; his next films were Water Drops on Burning Rocks, based on a play by Fassbinder and screened in competition at Berlinale, and Under the Sand, which screened at various international festivals, including Toronto and Rotterdam.In 2002, he directed 8 Women and the next year Swimming Pool, which was selected to compete at Cannes. In 2004, 5x2 competed at the Venice Film Festival. This year, he presented Ricky at the Berlin Film Festival.


filmografia essenziale/ essential filmography
Photo de faille (cm, 1988), Une goute de sang (cm, 1991), Action verité (cm, 1994), La petite mort (cm, 1995), Sitcom (Sitcom - La famiglia è simpatica, 1998), Les amants criminels (1999), Gouttes d’eau sur pierres brûlantes (Gocce d’acqua su pietre roventi, 2000), Sous le sable (Sotto la sabbia, 2000), 8 femmes (8 donne e un mistero, 2002), Swimming Pool (id., 2003), 5x2 (CinquePerDue - Frammenti di vita amorosa, 2004), Le temps qui reste (Il tempo che resta, 2005), Un lever de rideau (id., 2006), Angel (Angel: La vita, il romanzo, 2007), Ricky (Ricky - Una storia d’amore e libertà, 2009), Le refuge (2009).


& Credits

François Ozon
Mathieu Hippeau, François Ozon
Mathias Raaflaub
montaggio/film editing
Muriel Breton
scenografia/production design
Katia Wyszkop
costumi/costume design
Pascaline Chavanne
Louis-Ronan Choisy
Brigitte Taillandier
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
Isabelle Carré (Mousse), Louis-Ronan Choisy (Paul), Pierre Louis-Calixte (Serge), Melvil Poupaud (Louis), Claire Verner (la madre/Mother), Jean-Pierre Andréani (il padre/Father)
Chris Bolzli, Claudie Ossard
Eurowide Film Production
vendita all’estero/world sales
Le Pacte