Photographer / Cameraman

The 41st Torino Film Festival offers to photographers and cameramen the possibility to request an accreditation, strictly personal and non-transferable, in line with their specific field of activity. Its emission is at the unchallengeable discretion of the Festival.

The application must be submitted by 12 pm on Monday, November 6th 2023.

Please remember that accreditations cannot be issued to minors under 18 years of age.

The photographer/cameraman accreditation is free of charge. It gives access to the Festival areas, but does NOT include a seat during the projections.

During this procedure, you will be requested to upload an ID photo (Jpeg, maximum size 500 Kb), and a formal request written on the relevant institute’s letterhead signed by the legal representative (pdf file, maximum size 2 Mb).

If the accreditation request is approved, the applicant will receive an e­mail with a link to confirm the attendance to the 41st Torino Film Festival.

For further information, please contact the Accreditation Office, exclusively by email, at the following address:

To request a photographer/cameraman accreditation, you must fill out the form below (at the end of the procedure, the applicant will receive an e­mail confirming the reception of the request).

Fields marked with * are required.