38° Torino Film Festival


Douglas, an introverted young man who wants to win over the girl of his dreams, decides to invest in a carbon clone that seems like an improved version of himself. Part dystopia, part steampunk and part Black Mirror, a metaphor about the extreme consequences of using social media.

The father takes Chen to the beach, while a typhoon is coming. Chen is determined to swim. In the choppy sea, he
meets his past… This is a story about family relationship from the child’s perspective. A story about time, with its particular moments and the fact of passing itself.

Three women recount their relationship with Richard Ramirez, the famous serial killer from the 1980s, whom they contacted after he was arrested. This animated documentary shows the letters and the reciprocal feelings of the protagonists and the inmate, revealing elements that are as familiar as they are disturbing

Three lives come together at a gas station. A bag of money and a biro disrupts each of their hopes and dreams.

In a fantasy kingdom made of stone, a boy lives in
a vortex of death and abandonment. Every day, he wanders through the streets of his village and when he returns home in the evening, all he finds is the silence of adults. A visual poem inspired by infamous Valter Hugo Mãe’s novel.

Pearl is the last mermaid alive: middle-aged, chain smoking, unable to swim. She is the owner of Scotland’s premier aquatic fantasy sex line. Her life is very far from that of her ancestors. Pearl is forced to face her fears and get pregnant quick, if she wants to save her race from extinction.

We follow a young boy playing in a forest with some friends. Bit by bit, through his eyes, we see a distressed child of a different ethnic race, then a long line of people amassed together, police guards with dogs
and a high wall covered with barbed wire. Where are we? And when?

Five-year-old Sol and her father live in an isolated house by the sea. Sol spends lonely days with her imagination while her father, a composer, struggles with his music. When Sol senses that her father is burdened by sorrow, she finds solace in an old Iceland folk tale.

During the Soviet-Afghan War, after Leonid Breznev’s death, in a military hospital a young and wounded lieutenant meets a young military nurse, tired almost to death. One meeting. One night. One candle. A short from Vladimir Koptsev, Alexander Sokurov’s pupil.

Fazilet was left alone after the death of her daughter who was ill for a long time. While trying to cope with the feeling of death, she will find herself in a difficult pursuit after finding a package left from her daughter. With each door knocking for information, the package will be more important for Fazilet.

Hibari goes out to visit the site where six months earlier her son died. Outside it’s raining, she takes his son’s umbrella. Along the road she meets a man who is soaking wet in the rain. When Hibari lends him his son’s umbrella, the memory of Tatsumi is transferred to the man in a vision of sorts.