Country: Nigeria
Year: 1975
Duration: 120'

On the death of the father of Ajani Ogun, Commander Abayomi, with the complicity of some equally dishonest public officials, takes possession of the Ogun family's land and property. The situation is complicated by the appearance of the village beauty, Ajoke, as both men are in love with her. Ajani has to fight a twofold struggle: to defend his love and his land.
The film is in Yoruba and is based on the traditional plays of this majority ethnic group in Nigeria. Ola Balogun uses one of the best known stage actors, Duro Ladipo, the "King of the theatre". Ajani Ogun is considered the pioneering film in a genre inspired by Yoruba theatre which was highly successful in Nigeria in the 1970s.


film director

Ola Balogun


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Ola Balogun.
Director of photography: Frank Speed.
Music: Duro Ladipo.
Cast: Duro Ladipo e la sua compagnia, Mope Ilori, Ade Folayan.
Production company: Ola Balogun (Afrocult Foundation).