Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 83'

A portrait of Milan, a carnival ride floating in the air suspended between drama and a smile that sees characters run after each other and clash, characters that are always on the edge in their personal relationships, in their work, and in solitude. This film is a door that is open to people's desires and their quests for some kind of happiness. It is the photograph of people who cannot get themselves to feel deeply any more, people who are crushed inside the gap between the lives they are leading and the lives they would like to lead.


film director

Angelo Ruta

Angelo Ruta (Ragusa, 1967) lives and works in Milan. He attended the Advanced Course in Illustration and Comic-Book Art in Milan. He graduated the Brera Fine Arts Academy, specializing in set design. His works have been put on exhibition in various Italian and foreign cities (Bologna, Tokyo, Nishinomiya City, Kurashiki City, Trieste, Padua, Bari, Enna, San Miniato, and Genoa). For the last several years he has contributed to various periodicals and collaborated with publishers. He co-directed the medium-length film Epitaffio, along with A. Brusaferri, C. Cipelletti, and M. Strambrini. His short film Gli occhi aperti won the first prize in the Italian Space competition at the 1996 Turin Film Festival. Finally, he is an acrobat at the Medrano circus, where his specialities are the triple somersault without a net and the arched back spin.


Epitaffio (mm, co-regia, 1993), Gli occhi aperti (cm, 1996), Animali felici (1998).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Angelo Ruta.
Director of photography: Sergio De Feudis.
Costume designer: Donatella Cianchetti.
Art director: Totoy Santoro.
Sound: Alberto Bianchi.
Music: Luca Andrea Sarni, Valentino Finoli.
Editor: Carlotta Cristiani.
Cast and characters: Adriana Libretti (Milena), Pietro Ubaldi (Marco), Christian Bani (lo Sbandato), Oumar Ba (Phati), Roberto Anglisani (Lorenzo), Romano Singlitico (Fabrizio).
Produttori: Ottavio Palmetti, Roberto Magani. Produzione e vendita all'estero: Digital Group, via Pecchio 6, 20131 Milano, Italy, tel. +39-02-29522530, fax +39-02-29522605, e-mail