Italian Spotting 1998


by Edoardo Fracchia, Stefano Tealdi
Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 55'

Two children tell us their story, their vision of the world, and their hopes in a climate of war, hiding, and fear. Ten years later, they take us to an Eritrea where nothing is taken for granted and everything has changed. Asmara, Massaua, Keren, and the Nakfa region are visited with the help of the children who were born and raised during the war and today have to adapt to the new climate of peace. We cross a country destroyed by thirty years of independence struggle by viewing archival film footage and newly shot images. This is a country that is struggling to realize what was sowed in cultural, social, and political terms. Natsnet and Mohammed have their own stories and outlook, and they push us inside the dream of self-determination of what is the youngest sovereign state on the African continent.


film director

Stefano Tealdi

Stefano Tealdi (Johannesburg, South Africa; 1955) studied Architecture in Turin. After graduating from the university, he became the technician responsible for production at the audiovisual laboratory of the Turin Politecnico. In 1985 he joined Elena Filippini and Edoardo Fracchia in founding Stefilm, where he worked as director and producer. From 1988 on he directed numerous documentaries in Africa. In 1992 he earned a diploma at the EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs), a training course of the EU's MEDIA Program. Since 1997 he has been coordinator of the workshop "Documentary in Europe" and vice-president of EDN (the European Documentary Network), a network of documentary professionals based in Copenhagen.


Eritrea: la terra rossa (co-regia, 1988), Fronte polisario (1989), Imagen Madrid (1990), Il mostro a scuola (1994), Avevamo un sogno (Tougher than the Rest) (1998).


& Credits

Director: Stefano Tealdi.
Plot: Edoardo Fracchia, Stefano Tealdi.
Screenplay: Edoardo Fracchia.
Director of photography: Thomas Wingen.
Sound: Jacek Scheffzick.
Editor: Alberto Coletta.
Production company: Elena Filippini - Stefilm, via C. Lombroso 26, 10125 Torino, Italy, tel. +39-11-6680017, fax +39-11-6680003, e-mail stefilm@alpcom.it
Co-production: Avalon Film, TV Production.