Feature Film Competition 1998


by Fernando León de Aranoa
Country: Spain
Year: 1998
Duration: 99'

Javi, Manu and Rai are tall, awkward schoolmates. They are at that age where they aren't quite men yet, but they're not children anymore, either; when they talk a lot about girls but rarely manage to talk with them. The three share neighborhood life, the summer heat and a lot of problems. Their neighborhood is made up of low-rent housing, dark bricks and impossible architecture, there isn't much going on, especially in august. The downtown area is far away and there isn't much public transportation. The news programs say that many people go to the seaside on vacation, and Javi, Manu and Rai daydream in front of the exotic posters in the travel agencies' windows. There is a lot of free time in neighborhoods like this one. So much that sooner or later one ends up getting in trouble.

"This film is about going away, about leaving behind something that blocks you, about growing up. A fight that isn't heroic at all, but rather hesitant. Going forward, leaving a reality that you really don't like" (F. León de Aranoa).


film director

Fernando León de Aranoa

Fernando León de Aranoa (Madrid, 1968) graduated in Image Science from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Sirenas won prizes at the film festivals of Alcalá de Henares and of Badalona. With Familla, he won the Goya prize in 1998 as best new director. He is also a screenwriter, the author of short stories and has also worked in the field of documentaries.


Sirenas (cm, 1994), Familla (1997), Barrio (1998).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Fernando León de Aranoa.
Director of photography: Alfredo Mayo.
Costume designer: Maiki Marín.
Art director: Soledad Seseña.
Sound: Miguel Polo.
Music: Hechos Contra el Decoro
Editor: Nacho Ruiz Capillas.
Cast and characters: Críspulo Cabezas (Rai), Timy (Javi), Eloi Yebra (Manu), Marieta Orozco (Susi, sorella di Javi), Alicia Sánchez (Carmen, madre di Javi), Enrique Villén (Ricardo, padre di Javi).
Producer: Elías Querejeta.
Production company: Elías Querejeta P. C., S. L., Maestro Lassalle 21, 28016 Madrid, Spain, tel. +34-91-3457139, fax +34-91-3452811, e-mail querejeta@medusa.es. Co-
Production company: Sogete, MACT Productions, M.G.N. Filmes.
Foreign sales agent: Sogepaq, Gran Via, 32-I°, 28013 Madrid, Spain, tel. +34-91-5247220, fax +34-91-5210875.