Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 13'

Michele's "return" to the south and to his youth in a dreamy and transfigured atmosphere among family images, cherished objects and figures impressed upon his memory.


film director

Gerardo Lamattina

Gerardo Lamattina (Pertosa, Salerno) graduated from DAMS at Bologna University with a thesis on Film History and Criticism. He made two other videos besides Open Mouth. In 1996 he worked as assistant director for Carlo Mazzacurati's film, Vesna va veloce.


Frammenti di un discorso d'amore (1995), Perché tanto cielo (1997), Boccaperta (1998).


& Credits

Regia, soggetto e sceneggiatura: Gerardo Lamattina.
Director of photography: Lino Greco.
Cast: Gerardo Lamattina, Maria Attin`.
Editor: Carlo Godio.
Production company: Gerardo Lamattina, via R. Serra 75, 48100 Ravenna, Italy, tel. e fax +39-544-64389.