Country: Senegal
Year: 1962
Duration: 22'

The adventure of a poor cart-driver in Dakar ("Borom sarret" comes from "bonhomme ` la charrette", "the fellow with a cart") who, in just one day, manages to lose everything he has. In the morning, he says goodbye to his wife and goes to the Sandaga market. He carries various passengers on this daily route in the city's popular neighbourhoods: a woman who is about to give birth, a man going to the cemetery where, because of red tape, he cannot bury his son... A day like any other in Dakar, until a passenger asks him to take him to the Plateau, the modern quarter, where carts are banned. After some hesitation, the cart driver goes towards the modern buildings of the administrative centre of the city, but he immediately meets a policeman who confiscates the cart and takes away his medals, his only honours as a veteran. At home, his wife leaves their child in his arms whilst she goes off to find something to live on.


film director

Ousmane Sembène


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Ousmane Sembène.
Director of photography: Christian Lacoste, Ibrahima Barro.
Cast and characters: Abdoulaye Ly (il carrettiere), Albourah (il cavallo).
Production company: Les Films Domireew (Senegal), Actualités Françaises.