Country: Senegal
Year: 1970
Duration: 90'

In Senegal, girls do everything to become "Westernized". The interwoven stories of three young women from the same family but with different upbringings. Different fates await them in the future. All the rules that make up the good behaviour of the traditional African woman are challenged by the new generations.

"The question of women has always been closely linked to the dilemma between tradition and modernity. Today women have an important role to play in the struggle against neo-colonialism and the evolution of our society will be through them" (M.J. Traoré).


film director

Mahama Johnson Traoré


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Mahama Johnson Traoré.
Director of photography: Cheikh Dieng, Pap Thiam.
Music: Bana Sissokho, Soundioulou Sissokho.
Cast: Isseu Niang, Yves Diagne, Amy Diop, Farba Sarr, N'Gone Thioune.
Production company: Sunu Film Dakar, Secma Dakar e Ministère de la Coopération Français.