Country: Ghana
Year: 1971
Duration: 90'

In a modern Africa, where the music of James Brown is starting to arrive, young people are coming into conflict with the older generations. A musical comedy that tells the story of a girl who wants to become a singer. Her father would rather see her embark on a safer career. But the girl leaves school and, with her mother's help, succeeds in convincing him to send her to the country to study traditional music. Thanks to her stay in the villages in the company of a sociologist friend, the young girl discovers the deep African roots of Afro-American music. When she goes back to the city, she begins to write songs combining Afro-American soul and traditional music. Charlotte Dada, a famous singer from Ghana, has the leading role.

"I think that the cinema can contribute to giving our people a sense of national dignity and self-esteem. And African humour can greatly help us in this task" (B. Odjidja).


film director

Bernard Odidja


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Bernard Odidja.
Production company: Ghana Film Industry Corporation.