Country: Australia
Year: 1998
Duration: 6'30"

Some couples just aren't destined to stay together. A man goes to a woman's house for their first date, but he ends up wondering if it wouldn't have been better if he'd stayed at home. "My aim as the director of Fetch was to create a rollercoaster of emotions for the audience. The situation of the film is one that most people can relate to. I wanted to take the familiar and twist it working with experienced actors to tell a story succintly and with my own particular sense of humour" (L.-M. Danzey).


film director

Lynn-Maree Danzey

Lynn-Maree Danzey (Sydney, Australia; 1962) received in 1985 her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a major in Film Production from the University of Technology of Sydney. She has worked as assistant director both for television and cinema, and was the edition secretary for all of Jane Campion's full-length films and for Peter Jackson's Creatures of the Sky. Her debut film is Fetch. At the moment Lynn-Maree Danzey is working on Jane Campion's new film, Holy Smoke, and is writing her first full-length movie, No Turning Back.


Fetch (1998).


& Credits

Director: Lynn-Maree Danzey. Soggetto e sceneggiatura: Judi McCrossin.
Director of photography: Martin McGrath.
Costume designer: Sally Campbell.
Art director: Tony Campbell.
Sound: Alicia Slusarski.
Music: Martin Armiger.
Editor: Heidi Kenessey.
Cast and characters: Matt Day (l'uomo), Rebecca Frith (la donna), Mindy (il cane).
Producer: Susan MacKinnon. Produzione e vendita all'estero: Vivid Pictures, Suite 12, Minton House, 2A Bayswater Road - Kings Cross, Sydney - NSW 2011 Australia, tel. +61-2-92682555, fax +61-2-93571451.