Country: Togo
Year: 1972
Duration: 30'

Two young people from the same village set off for the city in search of fortune. She ends up becoming a prostitute and he looks for a job in vain. When they meet by chance, both pretend not to recognize the other. But in the end, the harsh city life will bring them closer. Tired of the struggle, they decide to return home to the village and get married.


film director

Jacques Quenum (Do'Kokou )


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Do'Kokou detto Jacques Quenum.
Director of photography: Mustapha Alassane.
Sound: Djingarey Maiga.
Editor: Andrée Davanture.
Cast: Sodji Kokou, Adenka Ablavi.
Production company: Do'Kokou Production, Ministère de la Coopération Français.