Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 3'

"... and if one day someone invented a way to relax automobile drivers when they are stopped at a red light...?" (Flavio Moretti).


film director

Flavio Moretti

Flavio Moretti (Porto Tolle, Rovigo) has worked as assistent cameraman, copywriter and illustrator for an advertising company. He has collaborated in the creation of various documentaries and commercials of national fame. Since 1985, he has produced the following short films: Moments in love (1985), Il disognatore (1986), La fuga (1989), Fantasmi di luce (1989), Troppi guai per Wilbur (1991), and Il cerchio (1991). He has participated at various national and international festivals with these videos, and has won diverse prizes and recognitions.


& Credits

Regia, soggetto, fotografia, scenografia, suono e montaggio: Flavio Moretti.
Production company: Flay Productions, via Ponchielli 39, 10024 Moncalieri (TO), Italy, tel. +39-11-6062449, fax +39-11-6050065.