Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 26'

This is a documentary-fiction film built on the interweaving of reality and the way people present themselves and between the two-way influence of the narrative line and the life of the characters. Ilaria is an eighteen-year-old student. Frida is an eighty-year-old "ex-combat partisan". They meet for a video report collecting some eye-witness accounts of the war. Ilaria looks rushed, but Frida interferes with her times and her ways of talking, stimulates more curiosity and evokes our potential link with memory through her impassioned story-telling. So, llaria's interviews get more and more lost in her new doubts about the permanence of time and about the traces that the past can leave on the present. "The theme of the video is a reflection on the passing down of memory. It is inspired by the general atmosphere of taking accounts of and evoking of the past that characterizes an end of a century. It is an atmosphere of being on the eve of something, a special borderland where experiences that are otherwise distant in time can meet and hesitate in a moment of waiting and leave taking. The eve is a crossroads that brings the two protagonists - the student and the partisan Frida, together for a short time" (A. Marena).


film director

Adonella Marena

Adonella Marena (Ozegna, Turin, 1949) is a former history teacher. In the 1980's she was involved with the diffusion of women's cinema in the Gruppo Comunicazione Visiva. Since 1989 she has been making short- and medium-length films directly inspired by the reality of her most important experiences in social work. Her favorite themes are: women, immigration, the environment. Her film language tends towards experimentation in mixed genres, between fiction and documentaries. She has participated many times at the Festival Cinema Giovani and in 1994 won the Turin Space Competition, in 1996 in the Italian Competition, she received the Commissione Pari Oportunità prize and a special mention for the Cipputi prize.


Il megalite (1989), Bambine di Palestina (1990), Il colore delle differenze (1992), Okoi e semi di zucca (1994), RighibÈ a Torino (1996), Facevo le nugatine (1996), Il cascinotto (1997), La combattente (1998), La fabbrica degli animali (1999), Anime di città (2000), Mobilitebio: quando la terra è in vendita (2000), Tute bianche, un esercito di sognatori (2002).


& Credits

Regia, soggetto e sceneggiatura: Adonella Marena.
Director of photography: Angelo Santovito.
Sound: Giorgio Pettigiani.
Music: Domenico Sciaino.
Editor: Marco Duretti.
Cast: Frida Malan, Ilaria Micossi. Produzione e
Italian distribution: Zenit Arti Audiovisive, corso Giulio Cesare 48, 10152 Torino, Italy, tel. +39-11-2486583, fax +39-11-2484764, e-mail Co-
Production company: Adonella Marena - Produrre e riprodurre.