Retrospective - The Birth of The Cinema In Africa


the bronze armlet
by Cheikh Tidiane Aw
Country: Senegal
Year: 1974
Duration: 93'

Issa receives a bronze bracelet, an amulet to help him face the big city, from his fiancée. The village notables warn him of the dangers of Dakar.
In various stages, we follow the birth of an African gangster. Issa arrives in the city with great hopes and faces the hardships of rural immigrants: the struggle to find somewhere to live and the search for work. In just a few days, Issa finds himself without a penny, reduced to looking for food in the rubbish and sleeping in the open. Issa refuses to accept a series of humiliating jobs and one day, having lost all hope, he returns to the village. But his fiancée had got tired of waiting for him and rejects him. Issa returns to the city but turns into a violent and ruthless man. He begins to steal, to gamble and to play around with women. His clothes and his habits change... he becomes "Westernized".


film director

Cheikh Tidiane Aw


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Cheikh Tidiane Aw.
Director of photography: Georges Bracher.
Music: Vatou Cita.
Cast: Nar Sène, Isseu Niang, Thioune N'goné, Christophe Colomb, Gorgui Diop, Amadou Tidiane Diagne.
Production company: co-produzione C. Tidiane Aw e Société Nationale de Cinéma.