Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 25'

Alberto Grifi, filmmaker and great experimental video maker, tells the story of his origins and his experiences that run through the most important events of this century. There were fascism, the good fortune of belonging to a family of craftpeople; the discovery of the worth of independent work, the years of dissent, and finally the consciousness that he was expending an extraordinary amount of energy that was nevertheless needed to preserve his own free space.

"This brief film on the work of Alberto Grifi is the first in a series that aims to document the impassioned work of some film directors who have chosen to be independent. Other documentaries are on their way covering the cinematographic production of directors like Agosti, Piavoli, Tonino De Bernardi - works that are almost always distributed off the beaten path" (Cristina Mazza, Giordana Meyer).


film director

Cristina Mazza

Cristina Mazza (Latina, 1969) is active both as a video maker and in the theater (with Pippo Delbono, Guy Alloucherie). In particular, she looks for creative spaces that are full of interference. She lives and works in a camper of the Cirque Bidon.


Ciao Marco (1997), Ma chi è questo Grifi? (1998), Acciaio invisibile (1999), Il bello del niente (1999), Le Cirque Bidon - Trailer du film que je n'ai pas encore fait (2000).

Giordana Meyer

Giordana Meyer (Milan, 1968) works as a socio-cultural educator both in the private and the public sectors. Since 1995 she has been working in television as light camera woman and video reporter.


Leoncavallo... i giorni dello sgombero (co-regia di Alberto Grifi e Paola Panicelli, 1994), Voglia di gridare (1995), Street Rave Parade (1997), Chi occupa... preoccupa! (1997), Chiapas: il silenzio uccide! (1998), Ma chi è questo Grifi? (1998).


& Credits

Director: Cristina Mazza, Giordana Meyer.
Soggetto e fotografia: Cristina Mazza.
Editor: Giordana Meyer.
Cast: Alberto Grifi.
Production company: Cristina Mazza, via Anfossi 13, 20135 Milano, Italy, tel.+39-347-4831847.