Country: Senegal
Year: 1968
Duration: 90'

brahim is unemployed with two wives and a large family. One day he receives a money order from a nephew who works in France. This calls for immediate celebration. The wives go and do the shopping on credit and cook a huge lunch, the likes of which they had not seen for some time. But when Ibrahim goes to the post office, he cannot collect the money because he does not have an identity card. For poor Ibrahim, who cannot read or write, this is the start of a purgatory of red-tape whilst relatives and friends flock to his home to ask for a hand-out. From the post office to the town hall, from the photographer's to the bank, wherever he goes, honest Ibrahim has some money taken away from him. At the end of it all, he will have nothing left.


film director

Ousmane Sembène


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Ousmane Sembène,
Director of photography: Raymond Soulignac, Georges Caristan.
Sound: Henri Moline, El Hadj M'Bow.
Music: Issa Niang,
Editor: Gilber Kikoine.
Cast and characters: Makhourédia Gueye (Dieng, il marito), Isseu Niang (la seconda moglie), Younousse Ndiaye (la prima moglie), Serigne Sow (l'imam), Medoune Faye (il postino), Moussa Diouf (il nipote), Farba Sarr (l'agente), Moustapha Touré (il bottegaio).
Production company: Comptoir Français du Film, Les Films Domirev.