Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 10'

Multivac, a computer, helps out in everything. The recurrent question he is continually asked is: "Can the universe's entropy be inverted?" Multivac doesn't have the data necessary to be able to give a precise answer until everything dies and the computer turns into a creator.


film director

Davide Martinoli

Davide Martinoli (Banchette, Turin; 1974) in March 1998 was an actor in the short Gracias señor, which was produced in collaboration with a group of students from the University of Valencia, in a graduate course in Comunicacion Audiovisual. This is his debut at directing videos.


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Davide Martinoli.
Plot: Davide Martinoli, dalla novella L'ultima domanda di Isaac Asimov.
Fotografia, scenografia e montaggio: Davide Martinoli, Saggrario Perpiñan Ortuño, Gema Pérez Adelantado, Teresa Penalba Segovia.
Sound: Davide Martinoli, Sagrario Perpiñan Ortuño, Gema Pérez Adelantado.
Cast: Borja Ramos, Davide Martinoli, Sagrario Perpiñan Ortuño, Maria José Fuentes Botella, Trinidad Picó.
Production company: Davide Martinoli, piazza G. Faletti 4, 10010 Banchette (TO), Italy, tel. +39-125-611114.