Country: Portugal
Year: 1998
Duration: 103'

Jealosy, revenge and crime on the bloody banks of the golden river (the Douro), amongst simple folk and the vineyards that produce Port wine. An elderly couple gets married: Antonio, the owner of a dredger, and Carolina, the caretaker of a level crossing. Her niece Mélita falls into the water and Antonio saves her as Carolina watches on jealously. On a train, while trying to sell a gold necklace to Mélita, the visionary gypsy, Zé dos Ouros, looks into the woman's eyes and sees something that happened to her in a former life: Mélita killed her lover and painted the room where they had their amorous encounters with his blood. The terrified Zé runs away. Carolina follows him, steals the necklace and becomes his lover. She wants to find out all about the mysterious past of Mélita, to whom the elderly Antonio is becoming increasingly attached.


& Credits

Director and plot: Paulo Rocha.
Screenplay: Paulo Rocha, Claudia Tomaz.
Director of photography: Elso Roque.
Costume designer: Manuela Bronze.
Art director: Alberto Péssimo, Jorge Gonçalves.
Sound: Nuno Carvalho.
Music: José Mário Branco.
Editor: José Edgar Feldman.
Cast and characters: Isabel Ruth (Carolina), Lima Duarte (Antonio), Joana Bárcia (Mélita), João Cardoso (Zé dos Ouros),
Producer: Paulo Rocha, Bruno Stroppiana.
Produzione e vendita all'estero: Suma Filmes, rua Filipe Folque 49, 1500 Lisboa, Portugal, tel. +351-1-3159065, fax +351-1-3159066.