European Perspectives 1998


It's a Long Road
by Pantelis Voulgaris
Country: Greece
Year: 1998
Duration: 118'

A Silver Coin on the Lips. At Philippi, Macedonia, an archeologist discovers an intact tomb with the remains of an officer from the Hellenistic era. The next day he leaves to look for the friends and fellow soldiers of his son, a twenty-year-old soldier who was burnt up during guard duty at an isolated military camp at the border. The archaeologist's lonely trip and his encounters cause him to think back to his father-son relationship. The Last Dwarf Goose. A group of young ornithologists arrive at the delta of the Evros River in Thrace in order to get a close look at the refuge of the last dwarf goose. They manage to find the goose, but an unscrupulous poacher kills it. The peaceful and kind forest ranger who had accompanied them pays the poacher back in the same way. Vietnam. A middle-aged man is depressed because his wife has left him, taking away his two children. He ends up getting drunk alone at Vietnam, a two-bit dive hidden out in the country. With no warning, he starts to break everything. Then he buys the place, and sends for a bulldozer. At dawn, while the buzuki players play in the middle of the field, he finishes destroying the place.


film director

Pantelis Voulgaris

Pantelis Voulgaris (Athens, 1940) is a member of the generation that dared to challenge the dictatorship of the colonels, and this landed him in jail from February to July, 1974.


O Kleftis (The Thief, cm, 1965), O Tzimis O Tigris (Jimmy the Tiger, cm, 1966), O Chroros Ton Tragon (Dance of the Goats, doc., 1969), To Proxenio Tis Annas (Anna's Engagement, 1972), Megalos Erotikos (The Great Love Songs, 1973), Happy Day (1976), Elefthérios Venizelos (1980), Petrina Chronia (Stone Years, 1985), Yannis Ritzos (doc., 1987), I Fanella me to 9 (The Striker with the No. 9, 1988), Isiches Meres Tou Avgoustu (Quiet Days in August, 1991), Acropole (1995), Ola Ine Dromos (1998).


& Credits

Director: Pantelis Voulgaris.
Screenplay: Giorgos Skabardonis, Pantelis Voulgaris.
Director of photography: Giorgos Frentzos.
Costume designer: Julia Stavridou.
Art director: Julia Stavridou.
Sound: Antonis Samaras.
Music: Stamatis Pandoudakis.
Editor: Dinos Katsouridis.
Cast and characters: Dimitris Katalifos (l'archeologo), Thanassis Vengos (la guardia forestale), Giorgos Armenis (Mr. Tsetsenoglou),
Producer: Panos Papadopoulos, Anna Comninou.
Produzione e vendita all'estero: Greek Film Centre, 10 Panepistimiou, 10671 Athens, Greece, tel. +30-1-3634586, fax +30-1-3614336.