Country: Niger
Year: 1974
Duration: 18'

A lorry full of immigrants is discovered by the police. The illegal immigrants run off into the open countryside. One of the fugitives reaches the road and hitches a lift. This is his first encounter with the West. We follow the people he meets in succession: a homosexual, a former soldier, and an African "brother" who, instead of taking him to a dormitory, takes him to a brothel. To get undressed, a prostitute takes away his money banknote by banknote.


film director

Inoussa Ousseini


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Inoussa Ousseini.
Director of photography: Gérard De Battiste.
Sound: Michel Fauré.
Editor: Mireille Abramovici.
Cast: Inoussa Ousseini.
Production company: Les Films du Centaure, Ministère de la Coopération Français.