Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 10'

A group of students are faced with a set of integrative activities offered by their school and choose a course in image education in order to produce a video that will present the school's characteristics. They have an impassioned debate about what the audience of the video should be (some students think it should be middle-school students. Others think it should parents looking for information). They look into the different hypotheses and reach a compromise. Was it the right choice?... The video was made entirely by the students and was the final product of a theoretical and practical study conducted inside a Project Area of the course in Electronics and Telecommunications.


film director

Istituto tecnico industriale statale "Pininfarina", Moncalieri (TO)


& Credits

Director: Carla Piana.
Soggetto e sceneggiatura: studenti 5a F.
Editor: Carla Piana, Fortunato Mesiano, 5a F.
Production company: Istituto tecnico industriale statale "Pininfarina", Telecomunicazioni, fisica ambientale, meccanica, via Ponchielli 16, 10021 Moncalieri (TO), Italy, tel. +39-11-6058311, fax +39-11-6820273, e-mail