Country: Germany
Year: 1998
Duration: 81'

A look into the life of Alex, a little man in a big city, Berlin. Construction worker and petty thief, Alex is a loser. He has never accomplished anything in all of his 33 years of life, aside from a marriage that went to pieces. When he meets Svetlana, an attractive young Bosnian prostitute, things seem to get better, except that she complicates things uselessly by asking him to marry her. A second prostitute, Ruth, seems to be the right woman for Alex. Like him, she is alone, simple, and has no particular needs. However, Alex is caught in the act of robbery and finds that he has to face the moment when his accounts are to be settled.

"With this film I wanted to break from the classical form of film making which is often counter productive to creative spontaneity. The low budget, the improvisational work with the actors, and the use of digital video gave me a freedom to follow my instinct" (E. Moore).


film director

Eoin Moore

Eoin Moore (Dublin, Ireland; 1968) worked as a sound technician for various television stations. He began his study at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) in 1991. He has also worked as a freelance cameraman, mainly in documentary production. Break Even, his first feature film, is his thesis film at DFFB. It won the Munich Filmfest's Hypo Preis 1998 (in a tie with Hans-Christian Schmid's 23).


So oder so (cm, 1992), Child of Light (video, doc., 1992), Digital Video Ballet (video, cm, 1993), Driver (video, cm, 1993), Loops of Infinity (cm, 1994), Der Duft eines Mannes (video, cm, 1994), Storm Rising (cm, 1995), 9 1/2 Minuten (video, cm, 1996), Plus-minus null (1998).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Eoin Moore.
Director of photography: Bernd Löhr, Eoin Moore.
Costume designer: Viola Völk, Katrin Siegrist.
Art director: Gudrun Schröter.
Sound: Andreas Köppen.
Editor: Dirk Grau, Eoin Moore.
Cast and characters: Andreas Schmidt (Alex), Tamara Simunovic (Svetlana), Kathleen Gallego Zapata (Ruth), Matthias Schmidt (Matze), Steffen Münster (Ingo).
Producer: Christian Hohoff. Produzione e
Foreign sales agent: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB), Heerstrasse 18-20, 14052 Berlin, Germany, tel. +49-30-30090452, fax +49-30-30090462.




Jury Special Award