Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 10'25"

The news on the local radio station talks about two crimes that happened on August 15th. In the meantime a foreigner drives aimlessly around the empty city in a big black car. In his wanderings he meets a very young prostitute and goes to an abandoned construction site with her. But she isn't exactly a prostitute and he isn't just a tourist who got lost.


film director

Simone Spada

Simone Spada (Turin, 1974) lives in Rome and works as assistant director. In 1988 he attends a directing workshop at USC Film School in Los Angeles. Since 1999 he has been working with several directors like Wilma Labate, Giuseppe Piccioni, Valerio Jalongo, Vincenzo Marra, Camilla Costanzo, Catherine McGilvray and others.


Qualcosa di trash (cm, 1998), Uno (cm, 1999), Due (cm, 2000).


& Credits

Director: Simone Spada.
Plot: Jacopo Iadicicco.
Fotografia e montaggio: Giulio Trombetta Magnolia.
Art director: Luca Tavoletti.
Sound: Alessio Fioriani.
Music: Paolo Casa.
Cast: Cecilia Mancini, Simone Mangoni.
Production company: Tindaro Film, via Stevenson 24, 00186 Roma, Italy, tel. +39-6-86321307.