Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 18'

While she is travelling to join the young man she is about to marry, Carlotta visits her grandfather, Andrea, who had abandoned her family when she was very young. Andrea turns out to be the surprising personality that Carlotta had always heard being talked about. "I think of Almost Brothers as a short film that is long as is needed to tell the story it tells. And I would like it if the so-called market began to accept film lengths different from the standard lengths, just like people read short stories and not only novels" (Francesco Falaschi).


film director

Francesco Falaschi

Francesco Falaschi (Grosseto, 1961) is a university graduate in Film History and a film critic. He contributes to "Segnocinema" and other publications. In 1997 he wrote the monograph on Jonathan Demme published by Il Castoro. He has directed numerous documentaries and docu-fictions.


Soares contabile metafisico (1991), Addio a Kansas City (1994), Furto con destrezza (1995), Quasi fratelli (1998).


& Credits

Director and plot: Francesco Falaschi.
Screenplay: Francesco Falaschi, Alessio Brizzi, Stefano Ruzzante.
Director of photography: Patrizio Patrizi.
Art director: Riccardo Fossati.
Editor: Claudio Di Mauro.
Cast: Renato Carpentieri, Roberta Terregna.
Production company: Video Factory, via Bolzano 12/A, 58100 Grosseto, Italy, tel. +39-564-418113, fax +39-564-411075.
Italian distribution: Maurizio Aprea - Emme, via Sangemini 78, 00135 Roma, Italy, tel. +39-6-35511287.