Italian Spotting 1998


by Giuseppe Baresi, Marco Paolini
Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 65'

Questo radichio non si toca provides an answer to different series of events and situations. In brief, it is a fresco that goes over the steps of a hot summer - that of 1998 - and records the outstanding moments that marked the work on Marco Paolini's play L'orto. These moments were intertwined with the rehearsals for the live television broadcast Il Milione - Quaderno veneziano. This is the origin of this film-video on Marco Paolini's idea of the theater. The film opens up a viewpoint, makes a log, and looks out on everything that occurred in the roughly three months of daily work. The people who appear include the actor-author himself, the Maistral (the musical group that have for a long time accompanied him during his shows) and all the co-workers that have pitched in on making both works. Hence the film gathers images from everyday life in Veneto, particularly around Venice and Vicenza. This environment appears in a piecemeal way. It is made up of little houses, factory buildings, streets, posters with names of companies that substitute the names of the towns, tourists, pilgrims, etc. Basically, this film is a voyage into the present-day countryside in Veneto, which ends up being the real protagonist of this story.


film director

Giuseppe Baresi

Giuseppe Baresi (Milan, 1960) has been working since 1982 as director and cinematographer. He worked with Studio Azzurro until 1986. He worked as cinematographer for the documentaries produced by the school of architecture of the Milan Polytechnic University. His Questo radichio non si toca was screened in the Italian Spotting section of the 1998 Torino Film Festival.


Giuseppe Baresi: Brown Boveri (1985), I Murazzi del Po (cm, 1986), Ships' Lover (cm, 1987), Campania, Sardegna, Sicilia, Puglia, Calabria (doc, cm, 1987/1988), Civita (doc., cm, 1989), Fluxus - Milano poesia (1990), Italia '90/Lavori in corso (1990, regia collettiva), Uomini e onde (cm, 1991), Appunti sulle oasi, sull'acqua, sulle città di sabbia (cm, 1992), Lollas e Cresias (1993), La febbre (co-regia Giuseppe Cederna, 1994), Colore incanto (cm, 1995), Nothing is Real - Appunti sul Nirvana (co-regia Bruno Bigoni, 1996), Victor (cm, co-regia Franco Maurina, 1997), Sarajevo Hobocapajebo (1998), Questo radichio non si toca (co-regia Marco Paolini, 1998), Bestiario Veneto di Marco Paolini (co-regia Marco Paolini, 1999), Mnemo. Diario (1999), Ventiquattro cavalli bianchi (cm, 2000), Bestiario Italiano di Marco Paolini (2000, co-regia Marco Paolini), Dimmi che sono bella (cm, 2000), Made in Hong Kong (2000).

Marco Paolini

Marco Paolini (Belluno, 1956) began his career as a theatrical actor in the 1970's with groups such as Studio 900 in Treviso, Tag Teatro in Mestre and Laboratorio Teatro Settimo. He has acted in many films, including Caro Diario (Nanni Moretti, 1993) and I Piccoli Maestri (Daniele Luchetti, 1998).


Questo radichio non si toca (1998/1999), Bestiario veneto - Parole mate (1999).


& Credits

Director: Giuseppe Baresi, Marco Paolini.
Plot: tratto da L'orto e Il Milione - Quaderno veneziano di Marco Paolini.
Director of photography: Giuseppe Baresi.
Sound: Simone De Rosa.
Music: Maistral, Saverio Tasca.
Editor: Giuseppe Baresi, Laura Madona.
Production company: Marco Paolini - Moby Dick Teatri della Riviera, c/o Villa Principe Pio, via Don Giovanni Minzoni 26, 30034 Mira (VE), Italy, tel. +39-41-5600212. Co-
Production company: Giuseppe Baresi, Stilo.