Country: Angola
Year: 1970
Duration: 102'

The early days of resistance in Angola in the 1960s. Domingos Xavier, an activist in the MPLA, the Angolan party fighting for national liberation, is wrenched from the arms of his wife by a troop of soldiers who take him to an unknown destination. His wife sets off on an exhausting march across the whole country in search of her husband. In addition to political reasons, there is the inner suffering of a woman who has lost her love.
The film is based on a story by Luandino Vieira, The true life of Domingos Xavier.

"They accused me of having made a Hollywood film but that's not true. I only wanted to avoid any preoccupation with the sordid aspects of life and I showed the Angolan people aware of their right to freedom" (S. Maldoror).


film director

Sarah Maldoror


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Sarah Maldoror.