Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 15'

Beatrice thinks about playing a role and is mistaken for a prostitute. Dante thinks about taking on a prostitute who, instead, is a walk-on. And the walk-on walks out down in a descent to the underworld that she will find hard to escape from.


film director

Andrea Bolioli

Andrea Bolioli (Cuneo, 1967) works at the Centro per l'Elaborazione del Linguaggio e dell'Informazione. From 1993 to 1995 he presented several videos - including Calanquerie, Disegni animati, and Downloading - at the Turin Film Festival and the 1994 Prato film series, Videminuto. In 1995 his short film Internet won the award for the Best Original Film Story in the GiovaniCiak competition. It was written along with Luca Dini. He presented the video, Sarajevo Dicembre 1996 at the 1997 Turin Space Preview.


Calanquerie (1993), Disegni animati (1994), Downloading (1995), Internet (1995), Sarajevo, Dicembre 1996 (1997), Il rumore della mano destra (1998), Scomparsa (co-regia, 1998).

Alberto Marini

Alberto Marini (Turin, 1972) is a university graduate in Law. His video Que sera, sera... appeared in the 1995 Turin Space competition. His script Il Drago earned him a scholarship in the Solinas Award '96. His script La Rivoluzione Terrestre won the Service Plus award in the Equinoxe '97 competition. In 1995 he took a course in video directing at Zenit in Turin.


Mezzanotte e un minuto (1994), Que sera, sera... (1995), Scomparsa (co-regia, 1998).

Claudia Pavan

Claudia Pavan (Turin, 1970) is a university graduate in psychology. She attended Set and Sound, a theoretical-practical training workshop for direct sound recording conducted by the Poliedra, She participated in a directing workshop at the Ipotesi Cinema school of the Paolo Valmarana Institute as well as in a theoretical-practical workshop in writing for the cinema conducted by the Turin Municipal Media Center of Italian Independent Cinema. She took a screenwriting course at Alessandro Baricco's Holden School. In addition, she studied theater for four years at the A. Blandi Theater Training Institute in Turin. Her Volevo fare un film... was screened in the Regional Competition at the 15° Torino Film Festival; the previews year he partecipated with her video Vito e alloggio (dall'alba al tramonto).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Andrea Bolioli, Alberto Marini, Claudia Pavan.
Plot: Francesco Bruni.
Director of photography: Ivan Mascagni.
Editor: Marco Duretti.
Cast: Luciana Littizzetto, Mimmo Coccimiglio.
Production company: Zenit Arti Audiovisive, corso Giulio Cesare 48, 10152 Torino, Italy, tel. +39-11/2486583, fax +39-11-2484764, e-mail
Co-production: Mediateca del cinema indipendente italiano.