Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 10'

Linda lives in New York. Her curiosity is awakened by the infinity of advertisements spread all around the city. One day she is struck particularly by a sign that says "Sell you body, now!". She goes down into a basement where a kind mannered woman offers that she sell her body by the hour and that anything may happen during that hour. Linda accepts. She is nude in an empty room and receives a customer who, "after having inspected her," rejects her and goes away. When the hour is up, Linda feels divided. Part of her wants to run away. The other part decides to stay. "Sell you body, now! is a film about potential sorrow - that of the shadow that we do not want but that we want to see" (M. Puccioni).


film director

Marco Puccioni

Marco Puccioni (Rome, 1959) worked in the United States. Afterwards, since 1993, he has been working for RAI directing commercial, documentaries and fiction films. In 1996 he joined Roberto Giannarelli and Massimo Guglielmi in creating the project Intolerance, a collective catalogue film against intolerance. In 1997 he joined Guido Chiesa, Davide Ferrario, Antonio Leotti, and Daniele Vicari in making the documentary Partigiani. At present he is preparing the feature film Armir.


Concertino (cm, 1988), Letter #1 (1989), Letter #2 (1990), Berlin '89 (1990), The Witches Scene (1990), The Blue Fiction (mm, 1991), A Light on the Path (doc., 1992), La valle del Draa (cm, doc., 1994), Il treno delle meraviglie (cm, 1995), Ottantanni di Intolerance (cm, ep.di Intolerance, 1996), Partigiani (co-regia, doc., 1997), Sell your body, now! (cm, 1998).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Marco Puccioni, dal racconto New York 14th Street di Alessandro Barbero.
Director of photography: Paolo Ferrari.
Art director: Marco Puccioni.
Sound: Carl Restivo.
Music: Alessandro Molinari.
Editor: Federica Lang.
Cast and characters: Theresa Gambacorta (Linda Brande), Aviva J. Carlin (la venditrice), Musashi Alexander (il cliente).
Producer: Mario Mazzarotto. Produzione e vendita all'estero: Intelfilm, via Ostiense 81/a, 00154 Roma, Italy, tel. +39-6-5756000, fax +39-6-5754679, e-mail