Country: Italy
Year: 1998
Duration: 20'

The usual New York City guerrilla warfare and a Second World War fought on the borders of New Jersey... Passages through three film genres - the television police film, the war film, and porno... It is a mystery story that Harry Klein, the assistant to the famous Inspector Derrick, will be asked to solve. "Slalom is a case of schizophrenia that is not yet serious, cinematographic confusion, a zigzag path, a not knowing what to do any more" (Monica Castiglioni).


film director

Monica Castiglioni

Monica Castiglioni (Mantua, 1964) graduated from the Milan Polytechnic University in architecture in 1991. In 1998 she won a grant to make a short film in Stuttgart. In 1998 her short, Superzero, won second prize at the 15th Torino Film Festival as well as the Best Editing Award at the International Film Festival Civitavideo at Civitanova Marche.


L'uomo di carta (cm, 1993), Il sogno giallo (cm, 1994), Untitled (cm, 1994), Adattamenti (cm, 1995), Autolesionismo (cm, 1996), White Traffic (cm, 1996), Superzero (cm, 1997), Slalom (cm, 1998), Rita incontra un'amica (cm, 1999), Sogni (2001).


& Credits

Regia, soggetto e sceneggiatura: Monica Castiglioni.
Director of photography: Susanna Schoenberg.
Sound: Marjo Ferwerda.
Editor: Giovanna Ferrara.
Cast: Fritz Wepper, Patrizia Orlando, Jo Manuela.
Production company: Groucho Film, via Milazzo 10, 20121 Milano, Italy, tel. +39-2-29005559, fax +39-2-29005634.